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Finding the right dog is dependent on a variety of aspects, including the size of your home, the number of children in your family, your work and how much time you can spend on your pet, your budget, and the cost of dog services, which varies by breed.

This article will go through some of the most unusual and fascinating dog breeds in India.



Rajapalayam is one of the rare dog breeds in India from the Tamil Nadu village of Rajapalayam. The most sought-after appearance is the milky-white coat with a pink nose, practically a breed standard.

They are excellent family protection dogs.

Rajapalayam dogs are kind and loyal to their owners. However, they work best as single-owner dogs and dislike being touched or handled by others.


Rampur Hound

This breed derives its name from its birthplace, Rampur, which is located in Northern India. One of India’s oldest and rarest dog breeds.

The Rampur Hound is renowned for its stamina since it was designed to go long distances at high speeds.

This breed is well-known for its unrivalled devotion to its family.

The Maharajas of this area favoured this breed to hunt big game and defend against ferocious creatures like tigers, leopards, jackals, lions, and panthers.



Kombai, named for the place where it was created, is in Tamil Nadu.

It is one of the most courageous Indian dog breeds.

Kombai dogs were bred as royal guard dogs by India’s Maravar rulers.

They make great companions and are also renowned for being good security dogs with a high level of devotion.



The Chippiparai dog is one of the most well-known and popular dog breeds in India.

The Chippiparai is a kind of sighthound dog found in southern India. Royal families breed this dog in the Tamil Nadu region of Chippiparai, near Madurai.

They are very loyal and, on the whole, pleasant. Because they are inherently muscular and sturdy, these dogs are straightforward to care for.

But, because they are vigilant and full of activity, they make excellent hunting and watchdogs.


Indian Spitz 

The Indian Spitz is a famous and brilliant dog breed in India. Spitz is a stunning and simple to teach breed that is perfect for Indian households.

Unfortunately, this dog breed is often mistaken with the Pomeranian dog breed.

The Indian Spitz is available in two sizes: bigger and smaller.

Indian Spitz is an adaptable dog breed that can live in a variety of settings.

The Indian Spitz is a high-energy, agile dog breed. However, despite their cheery nature, they will need regular care to cope with their double coats.


Indian Pariah dog 

The Indian Pariah dog is one of the most basic and old dog breeds in India. It is also known as the pye-dog, the Indian native dog, or INDog.

They make excellent watchdogs since they are territorial and protective.

As strange as it may seem, this pariah dog is amiable. Despite popular belief, they are incredibly intelligent dog breeds that are pretty simple to teach.


Indian Mastiff

The Indian Mastiff, also known as the Bully Kutta or the “Beast of the East,” is a breed that originated in both India and the Sindh area of Pakistan but is most often seen in the Punjab region.

They are the most popular option for guard dogs, but regrettably, many of these dogs are still bred and raised for dogfighting.

As a result, these dogs are still subjected to unlawful dogfighting in Pakistan and Punjab, India.

These dogs aren’t just brawn; they also have brains. But, given their intelligence, it’s no wonder that they’re also highly aggressive.



Gaddi, a mastiff-type dog breed similar to the Tibetan Mastiff, was founded in northern India by a tribe of the same name.

If outsiders enter the property, they are often hostile.

These gigantic dogs, on the other hand, are not the simplest to teach. They may be obstinate and self-sufficient dogs.

Simultaneously they are respected for being clever enough to be herding dogs.

The Gaddi Kutta, unlike the Indian Mastiff, is not considered a combat dog. The Gaddi Kuttas are natural sheep and goat herders who hunt game and protect livestock from some of the most vicious and deadly leopards and predators.



Kanni is a unique indigenous sighthound breed that is also produced in Tamil Nadu. Kanni’s name is mainly referred to as black and tan and black. 

Kanni excels in hunting deer, hare by smell, and other rodents because of their agility and lightness of foot. Kanni typically sprint extremely fast to get their prey.

They are often a quiet dog that is excellent as a security dog for its owners and is simple to train. They do, however, behave independently while on a hunt, as is their nature.



The Bakharwal dog is an old working Indian dog breed that may be found across India’s Pir Panjal Range.

Bakharwal is a medium to a large, powerful, heavy-boned dog that is brave, independent, and vigilant.

The dog follows a vegan diet. Red, pied, sand, white, fawn, black, and brindle are typical hues.


Gull Terrier

The Gull Terrier is a watchdog that will be suspicious of strangers. These dogs make excellent guardians due to their intense aggressiveness and powerful prey drive.

The Gull Terr is also renowned for being very careful, protective, loyal, quick, elegant, and smooth on his feet. 


Mudhol Hound

This brave, loyal, and beautiful Indian dog breed has a penetrating stare. It has long and straight forelegs. The back is wide, long, and muscular. 

These medium to large-sized dogs works as security dogs or hunting dogs.

They are challenging and laborious dogs that can work in the worst circumstances, explaining their fame.



The Pandikona is sometimes called the “Indian” Doberman. It is an Andhra Pradesh traditional hunting dog. “Pandikona” is a moderate-sized sighthound that survives in the Kurnool region’s harsh weather conditions. 

The Pandikona will usually alert the attacker to move off, but the warning is brief, and the impending attack is quick and robust.

Pandikonas are confident, assertive, and possess territorial tendencies even as pups.

They are devoted to their family and will play well with other children, but they still need socialization.


Vikhan Sheepdog

The Vikhan Sheepdog is an Indian breed that few locals are familiar with. They originated in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh area.

This big, strong, and lean working breed has a brave disposition and a high level of intellect.

However, since these breeds are highly aggressive and territorial, they must be socialized at a young age.

These dogs are well-known for having ferocious personalities. Vikhans like working and have great stamina, allowing them to endure lengthy hunting expeditions.


Gull Dong 

The Gull Dong is an unusual dog breed that developed in India. These dogs were created via the crossbreeding of the Gull Terrier. They have huge personalities.

Despite their loving nature, they tend to attain violent tendencies if not adequately trained and socialized.

Training may also be challenging due to their autonomous and strong-willed character.

Final thoughts

Dogs are fantastic, and they provide many reasons to rejoice. However, dogs, like people, need your attention, require your time, and must be cared for.

Individuals need to realize that a pet will become an essential part of their family and that they should always consider it carefully before purchasing or adopting one.

15 Amazing dog breeds in India which can be your great pet
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